A darkness that consumes everything in its path has taken hold of her heart, of her soul. 

She looks into the void, all emotions are lost, swallowed by the demon. 

Her fingers scrape at the walls in attempt to flee, but there is nothing that will set her free.

Only after screaming




The depths begin to lighten 

As he breaks through the layers of black.

Like a portal he shines, surrounded by the darkness his aura flares in contrast.

His hazel eyes rip through the demons taking refuge in her mind. Slipping his warmth through the cracks in the void.

Enveloping her fragile heart in sunshine.

He enlightens her tormented soul, transforms her into his shimmering angel.



To my little sister.

No expectations

Of the demons taking refuge

Inside your mind

Clawing, tearing away

The pieces of you that make who you are

They arrive unannounced and uninvited 

They want to feel you bleed

Feast off your insecurities 

There’s no running from these demons 

They’re trapped inside your mind

Wreaking havoc every day.

In an attempt to make you blind

From the beautiful world that surrounds you

Surprises you

Teaches you new skills everyday. 

I pray you’ll fight the demons

That keep you from the light of the world

Pray that you won’t let yourself get so cold.